The 4 best places to buy Viagra (Sildenafil) online



Why buy Viagra online?

We can give you a hand on finding the best Viagra offers for your healthcare needs as quickly and easily as possible. We made this list of cheap pharmacies in Minnesota to help you buy Viagra (Sildenafil) at the best price.

Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.9
Customer feedback:

Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota didn’t want to help me with compression stocking for my legs. I had a prescription for Viagra, and they told me to go to the other pharmacy (farther south)

Whoever they have answering their phones (Maria?) is rude af. She gave us an attitude when we asked if they carried something and hung up on us. We called back, and she gave us an attitude again like she was annoyed. Kept snapping at us. So sorry we tried to do business with you, didn’t realize what an inconvenience our business is to you.

Fairview Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.0
Customer feedback:

Got my Viagra pills fast, got some dental stuff to clean my teeth the way dentist do & an extractor to clean my kid’s faces! I had what I needed!

The pharmacy from Walmart In Harlingen, they are so rude, and they take forever. I was waiting from 11:30 to 4:30 in pain, waiting for medication. They could not read the prescription, the Dr. prescribe too many pills, why did I need the medication for. Where did it heart? I just ask for my prescription and left. Never using their pharmacy for purchasing Viagra again, it sucks. I came to Fairview Pharmacy with no questions s ask 20 minutes I bought Viagra. Thank you.

ViaQX Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.2
Customer feedback: has a lot of things that the chain drug stores don’t. Happy to support a local business. Love the food there, too! So glad they are open early.

Hard-working and outstanding crew! Christine and Phillip are exceptional pharmacists, and their support team goes out of their way to help you. You can get flu shots here as well as meds for your cat or dog, in addition to the usual routine pharmaceuticals.

Lloyds Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.1
Customer feedback:

I was so disappointed. I always see the great commercials about Lees being so good to customers, so I decided to go and get my medications at the North 10th store. Wow, the very worst customer service I’ve ever had at a pharmacy. I’m in line for my meds, and the counter clerk says to me: “Yea, man.” What does “yea Man” mean? Then I ask him a question about a certain medication, and he goes to ask the pharmacist, and before he even asks him the complete question, the pharmacist cuts him off immediately. Good customer service starts at the top. And your leader needs a lot of help with customer service. Never again, I learned my lesson, and I will stick to Walmart pharmacy. Lees Pharmacy commercials need to be more real. Please order Viagra online anywhere else!

Staff isn’t very friendly, very disappointed overall. This medicine was called in 5 hours before we arrive, we ask do you have my medication, and they said NO. They took forever to have it ready 40 minutes!!! And after final they had it ready they never called out my name and how sad ….they look like they are unhappy with their job there. Never again will I ever go to Lloyds Pharmacy.